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Discover a dark mystery only a medium can solve. Explore the real world and the spirit world at the same time. Use your psychic abilities to solve puzzles spanning both worlds, uncover deeply disturbing secrets, and survive encounters with The Maw – a monster born from an unspeakable tragedy..

The Medium is a third-person psychological horror game that features patented dual-reality gameplay and an original soundtrack co-composed by Arkadiusz Reikowski and Akira Yamaoka.

Wield unique psychic abilities reserved for those with the gift. Travel between the realities or explore them both at the very same time. Use the Out of Body experience to investigate places where your real-world self can’t go. Create energy shields and deliver powerful spirit blasts to survive the spirit world and its otherworldly dangers.

Delve deep into a mature and morally ambiguous story, where nothing is what it seems and everything has another side. As a medium you see, hear and experience more than others, and with every new perspective you will change your perception on what happened at the Niwa resort.

Never-seen-before and officially patented gameplay that plays out across two worlds displayed at the same time. Explore the physical world and the spirit world simultaneously, and use the interactions between them to solve dual-reality puzzles, unlock new paths, and awaken memories of past events.

The Medium’s spirit world is a dark mirror reflection of our reality, a grim and unsettling place where our unpunished deeds, evil urges, and vile secrets manifest themselves and can take on a form. This world has been invented and designed under the inspiration of Zdzisław Beksiński’s paintings, Polish dystopian surrealist internationally recognized for his distinctive and strikingly ominous style.

Immerse yourself in the disturbing and oppressive atmosphere of the game thanks to the original ‘dual’ soundtrack co-created by Akira Yamaoka and Arkadiusz Reikowski. Yamaoka-san is a legendary Japanese composer best known for his work on the Silent Hill series; Reikowski is a Hollywood Music in Media Awards nominee who worked on such acclaimed horror games as Blair Witch, Layers of Fear, and Observer. Now they join their creative forces for the music and songs of The Medium.


Pokemon Unbound Nuzlocke
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What’s good y’all! I’m Brysoon or Bry, and Welcome back to my NEW series:
A Pokémon Unbound BLIND Nuzlocke!
We get a few good encounters and do a lot of walking and talking this Episode!
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Pokemon Unbound is a Fan Game for the Pokemon series, made by Skeli and his team… “Welcome to the Borrius Region, a region rich in history. Many years ago the Borrius region fought a brutal war with the Kalos region. The people of the Borrius region summoned a dark force to help them defeat their enemies; however, the war ended in defeat when the king of the Kalos region unleashed the ultimate weapon. With the war over, the dark force was sealed away never to be used again. Many years later, an organization known simply as “The Shadows” seems bent on releasing the dark force once again. It’s up to you to stop them and save the Borrius region from ultimate destruction.”
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Pokemon Unbound:

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Pokemon Unbound Nuzlocke Rules:
1 • Any Pokémon that faints is considered dead, and must be released or stored in a specified PC box for fallen Pokémon.
2 • You can only catch the first Pokémon encountered in each area, and none else. If the first Pokémon encountered faints or flees, there are no second chances.
3 • You must also nickname all of your Pokémon, for the sake of forming stronger emotional bonds.
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Graphics Done by:
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Pokemon Unbound Fan Game Walkthrough


Here is a bran new lets play for the channel. I’ve never played Pokemon Platinum before so I hope you enjoy coming on this journey with me.

QOTD: In this episode we explore Sandgem Town and Jubilife City so my question is what city in all of Pokemon would you most like to live in and why?

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Mono-Type Nuzlocke Rules:

1) Any Pokemon that faints is considered dead and must be placed in a specific dead box in the computer.

2) The player may only catch the first eligible Pokemon in each area. If the first eligible Pokemon faints or flees then the player losses his chance to catch a Pokemon in that area.

Optional Nuzlocke Rules:

3) The player must nickname each of their Pokemon in order to form stronger bonds with that Pokemon.

4) If the player encounters a Pokemon they have already captured, or any Pokemon in that evolutionary chain, then the player may choose to obtain a new encounter but this must be decided before the first attack.

5) If the player whites out (or blacks out, which ever you prefer) then the game is considered over and the player has lost, even if there are Pokemon left in the PC.


A teacher assistant is unable to shut off a volcano project, a robot wreaks havoc at a science fair, and a woman accidentally defrosts frozen heads to find a person alive…

Chance, pals Dusty and Bailey, and kid brother Herman plan and execute pranks on their unsuspecting targets. Follow the crew of mischief makers as they create over-the-top pranks for their online hidden-camera show.

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So, finally, I’m attempting a Nuzlocke… Episode 10!

I’ve been curious about Nuzlockes for years at this point, but have never actually taken the plunge, both through fear of losing an entire game’s worth of progress, and also because of being unsure about following the rules correctly. This ROM Hack solves the rules issue at the very least!!

Pokemon Nameless Fire Red solves the problem by having BUILT IN Nuzlocke Rules, making it part of the core gameplay. And also adding extra Pokemon (Up to Gen 6), as well as Gen 6 mechanics. For anyone unsure about what Nuzlocke Rules are, here are the basics:

Any Pokémon that faints is considered dead, and must be released or put in the Pokémon Storage System permanently (or may be transferred to another game, as long as the Pokémon is never able to be used again during this run).

The player may only catch the first wild Pokémon encountered in each area, and none else. If the first wild Pokémon encountered faints or flees, there are no second chances. If the first encounter in the area is a double battle, the player is free to choose which of the two wild Pokemon they would like to catch but may only catch one of them. This restriction does not apply to Pokemon able to be captured during static encounters, nor to Shiny Pokemon.

The player must nickname all of their Pokémon, for the sake of forming stronger emotional bonds.

The player may only use Pokémon they have obtained themselves, meaning Pokémon acquired through trading, Mystery Gifts, etc., are prohibited.

I will be using the Dupes Clause, Shiny Clause and Gift Clause throughout this run.

I appreciate you all so much and thank you for consuming the content over the course of this series! xD Of course, please like and subscribe if you do genuinely enjoy what I’m doing here, it means a lot and will seriously help with my goals for the channel. Let me know any thoughts you have in the comments down below. Enjoy the playthrough, and as always, thank you so much!


When you meet something in another reality that looks like a demon, what should you do? RUN! But no… not this girl… she asks how its day was…

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About the game:

Discover a dark mystery only a medium can solve. Travel to an abandoned communist resort and use your unique psychic abilities to uncover its deeply disturbing secrets, solve dual-reality puzzles, survive encounters with sinister spirits, and explore two realities at the same time.

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Audio is not mine!!!!!!!!!!
-Michael being mean to a lil bean
-The man behind the slaughter


採用原生2160P60(4K) 高畫質錄製!
【 靈媒 】4K電影剪輯版 – 片長:4小時53分(全1集)

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快速跳躍章節按鈕👇 :
00:00 片頭
01:34 最後的道別
25:22 尼瓦渡假村
48:29 尋找小哀
01:02:01 托馬斯的辦公室
01:18:21 遊樂室
02:11:29 托馬斯與理查德
02:48:35 尋找紅樓
03:25:31 追尋真相
04:06:14 紅樓地下室
04:28:09 被遺忘的記憶
04:35:49 最終抉擇
04:46:17 謝幕


PC主機配備 :
-NVIDIA Driver 461.40
-intel core i9-10980XE(18C36T) OC 4.6Ghz
-ASUS X299 Edition 30
-G.SKILL Trident Z RGB CL14 16G*8(128G) OC 3600mhz
-ROG Strix RTX3090 OC 24GB GDDR6X
-Avermedia GC573 Live Gamer 4K
-Samsung 970 EVO Plus NVMe M.2 2TB
-Samsung 860 Pro 2TB*2
-WD Black 6TB*2
-Seasonic PRIME TX-1000
-LIAN LI PC-011 Dynamic XL ROG Certified
-Corsair iCUE QL120 RGB Fan*7
-Acer Predator X27
-Razer Huntsman Elite
-Razer Mamba HyperFlux
-Razer Firefly HyperFlux
-XBOX ONE Elite Series 2 Controller



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